American Legion
It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow servicemembers and veterans.
  1. Drew Lacey
    Commander Post 77
  2. First Vice-Commander
  3. Second Vice Commander
    Second Vice Commander
  4. Description Title
    Third Vice Commander
  5. Title
    Avery Dollinger
    Judge Advocate
  6. Title
    Jerry Baggish
    Finance Officer
  7. Robert Scruggs
    Bob Scruggs
    SGT-At-Arms Service Officer Assistant Adjutant
  8. Title
  9. Title
    Jim Craddock
  10. Title
    Publicity Officer
  11. Athletic Officer
  12. Title
    Appointed Adjutant
  13. Title
    Bob Scruggs
    Appointed Assistant Adjutant
  14. Title
    Appointed Assistant Sgt-at-Arms
Memorial Day 2016
  1. Memorial Day 2016
The day began with a free breakfast at the post and continued at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
East Henderson High School Air Force Junior ROTC Unit NC-934

East Henderson High School Air Force Junior ROTC Unit NC-934 attended the Legion meeting in 4/14 and presented the colors and Master Sergeant Michael Jensen Leader of the unit at East Hederson addressed the Legion Members.

Master Sergeant Michael Jensen gave critical information about the unit, their duties, their purpose, and needs.

It’s important to know all JROTC programs are citizenship programs. They are not military recruiting programs
and the citizenship charter is stated in Title 10 United States Code law. AFJROTC works to teach important skills
and reinforce personal traits to help make members successful in life, no matter what type of career they choose
following high school. These life skills are based on the Air Force core values of “integrity first, service before self,
and excellence in all we do.” Your student will learn important aspects of leadership, followership, adherence to
personal appearance and grooming standards, proper uniform wear and will also have the opportunity to participate
in some very exciting co-curricular activities to include community service.

These activities reinforce the lessons they will learn in the classroom and provide them an opportunity to lead and learn among their peers. These activities are our “hands on” teaching tools and are a very fun and exciting way to reinforce the importance of  team-work, service, positive attitude, hard-work, and positive image. AFJROTC is a place where a student will not only start to grasp important life lessons, but they will truly feel a sense of accomplishment, belonging, and pride that comes with teamwork and success. For more information, please visit us on your smartphone or mobile device at:

AFJROTC is a fully (AdvancED) academically accredited and inclusive program that is open to all students in
the 9th to 12th grades. If a student is eager to learn, has a good attitude, wants to be part of a true team, and is
willing to follow very reasonable personal grooming and uniform wear requirements, then they will be welcome in
this great program. It is a great program due to the dedication, leadership, teaching, and mentorship of about 2,000
retired Air Force instructors in over 880 partnering high schools across the nation and overseas.  Members will
be joining nearly 125,000 other AFJROTC cadets! AFJROTC will help prepare your student for success following
high school.


Did you know the Air Force only provides money for 45% of our annual budget?  To help pay for our trips, activities and classroom programs we are conducting our annual fundraiser.

Follow this link for more information about the fundraiser

Commander's Message
Welcome to Post 77 in the Great State of North Carolina. We are indeed proud of our Post and all the great people who make it strong. We are a vibrant with members who are dedicated to God and Country. We are a family of veterans who support each other through the talents of all. We are truly blessed with comrades with skills dedicated to the Post, the American Legion, the community, all veterans, and most importantly each individual member.
We support our Post and constantly work to ensure it reflects the equality of our members and all veterans who we serve and participate in the unit.
Though our support of Disabled Veterans, Veterans Hospitals, Children Causes, and other Veterans activities, Post 77 remains a strong part of our community.
I am proud to serve as commander of our post and work with the members and fellow officers to strengthen our post through enhancements to the Post, increased membership, stronger presence in the community and the American Legion Family.
It is all about membership. Maintaining current members, recruiting new members, and most importantly serving our great country through our members.
I have strong allegiance to and respect for WWII veterans and their significant contribution to the history of America. Sadly, this brave group of men and woman are leaving us at an increasing rate. I encourage all members to show your appreciation by talking with a WWII veteran and learning their story. Once their memories and stories are gone, we have lost a key part of our history.
I welcome your suggestions and contributions to the Post. Talk with me about your ideas. Together we can create a grand and lasting Post for all.
I wish you all a great year in the Legion. I pray for our county and that our leaders have the ability to lead this nation to greatness at home and throughout the world.
May God bless our comrades everywhere.
R. Shuford Edmisten
Commander Post 77
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  5. R. Shufird, Post 77 Commander (left) and
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Veterans Day

PATRICK SULLIVAN/TIMES-NEWS 11-November-2015 Patriot Guard Rider Jake Reess takes part in the annual Veterans Day Ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Wednesday. The ceremony featured the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, a flag folding ceremony, special presentation of wreaths to salute all veterans and the Henderson County Honor Guard, officials said. The program was dedicated this year to Chief Warrant Officer 4 Paul Terry Weeks.
  1. Veterans Day 2015
    Veterans Day 2015
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Commander's Christmas Banquet
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Commander Shuford Edmisten hosted the Christmas Banquet for all members of the Legion Family. It was a great Christmas Dinner followed by special recognition to key members and then a dance to live music.
The Post was honored with the presence of Don Bridges, North Carolina Department Commander,Bill Richard, North Carolina National Carolina National Executive Committeeman, Steve Laws, Sons of the American Legion Past National Commander, Linda Laws, North Carolina Auxiliary Department Auxiliary President, and our honored World War Verterans.
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Christmas Food Boxes
Each year the American Legion Post 77 collects food and donations to be given to 'veterans of need and other special families in the community. This year was no exception with pounds of produce, dozen of egggs, gallons of juice, thousands of cans of food, cookies, chicken, and other great food to help the holidays be merry.​
Members of the post then assemble the food into boxes that are delivered to the families. Everyone who contributes and all thoses who participate in the event help spread Christmas Joy and community spirit of the American Legion.
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